Benefits of learning music?

Benefits of learning music?

Charul Tyagi asked July 5, 2016

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Seema Rawat July 5, 2016

Music provides peace to the soul and indeed there are many benefits of learning music even though on the forefront they do not seem so emphatic. 
By learning music: 

  • Music enhances spatial intelligence which helps in perception and visualization of critical situations and how to blend them to work out best possible way out of any critical situation. 
  • Music helps to develop logic and reasoning as it helps children to imprint information in their minds. 
  • Music students score better at SAT kind of exams as their creative thinking is triggered off and works better than academic students. 
  • Music teaches hard work and perseverance as music is only achieved after much patience. 
  • Music enhances the spirit of teamwork and patience as it is only through coordination with other musicians and diligence that music is learnt. 
  • It teaches the art of self expression 
  • Music also helps in developing skills that help face fear and tackle problems head on. 

Basically music is beneficial for overall development of the person who learns it as it provides mental stability to the player by bringing out pent up emotions and self expression.  
Secondly it helps develop motor skills, patience and endurance and enhances multi tasking skills. 

  1. Hi, I my passionate about Music and want to pursue my career in this field.So can you please guide me if there are any certification courses in Music which I can opt for
Seema Rawat July 7, 2016

Hello Chandra,
Good to know about your passion for Music.Yes there are many certification courses in Music which you can opt for.I have listed some of them below:

Undergraduate certification courses: 

  • Bachelor of Arts in Music Performance
  • Bachelor of Science in Music Performance
  • Bachelor of Music in Music Education

Graduate certification courses: 

  • Master of Music Education

Besides these degree courses, various government recognized dance and music academies that provide certification courses for Music under workshops, training and learning are

  • Delhi Music Society
  • The Bangalore School of Music

After completion of short term/long term courses ranging from one year to three years, one can either make a career in training aspiring musician.


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