Are there any specialization course in clay modeling?

Are there any specialization course in clay modeling?

Navdeep Kumar asked April 20, 2016

1 answer

Sumit Paliwal April 20, 2016

Yes there are courses in clay modeling. Though it is a form of art that depends a lot on hidden creativity but to sharpen those rough edges of talent and to provide intrinsic knowledge of types of clay and their applications, specialization courses are essential.  

There are beginner courses which give you an insight into the world of clay modeling and teach  you basics about ceramic art and sculpting. 

There are advanced courses which turn you into skilled craftsmen and help you to take your art to the level where you can form anything from clay. 

One year or two year diploma course can also be enrolled in for learning the fine skills of ceramic clay and other niches of clay shapes. 

Besides these short term courses and diploma in clay modeling you can also take up degree/certification courses to be a certified clay modeler.


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