Are there any famous competitions held for Guitar, if yes, what are they?

Are there any famous competitions held for Guitar, if yes, what are they?

Ashish Kaushik asked March 4, 2016

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Abhilash Rajput March 4, 2016

Learning any form of art comes to a full circle with a competition one has to qualify to make one’s mark. They not only provide exposure, confidence, experience but also help contestants to carve a niche for themselves.   
Guitar competitions are recognized and held for each level of learning be it for beginners, medium learners or advance learners. It is only with highly advanced level of learning and performance caliber that competitions at national or international level can be reached to.  
There are varied competitions held for Guitar every year in various states of India and in other countries. Among them some famous are- 
The National Youth festival held in India every year from 12 to 16 January is a regular competition for youth to identify their talent.  
Competition held by Indian Guitar Federation (IGF) in Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore and Calcutta is another competition that helps guitarist get recognition.  
Calcutta International Classical Guitar Festival and Competition started in recent years.
Tokyo International Guitar Competition, Japan.
International Guitar Competition, Berlin, Germany.
World Guitar Competition, Serbia 
Jo Ann Falletta International Guitar Concerto Competition 
Budapest International Guitar Competition, Budapest 
Wilson Center Guitar Competition and Festival, Brookfield  in four genres including Rock/ Blues, Jazz, Classical and Finger style.
Besides these, there are many competitions that are held by countries for domestic and international talent hunt.
Depending on the level of learning the competitions can be entered into on local, state, National and then International level.  


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