Among different types of guitar, which one is the best?

Among different types of guitar, which one is the best?


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Nikita Rawat January 25, 2016

There are different types of guitar and depending upon their features, you can choose the one. Generally, guitars can be divided into two broad categories including acoustic and electric.
Acoustic guitar form varied notable subcategories under the acoustic guitar. These are flamenco and classical guitars. Steel-string guitars are also there that include folk, flat-topped or folk guitar (twelve string guitars) and arched top guitar. Unamplified guitars also lies under the category of unamplified guitars that are designed to play in varied registers like acoustic bass guitar. Acoustic bass guitar has the same tuning as that of the electric bass guitar.
Electric guitars can be comprised of semi-hollow, hollow and even solid bodies. Solid bodies are used to produce sound without any amplification. There are electromagnetic pickups that plays a crucial role in converting vibration of the steel to the signals. These signals are further fed to the amplifier using the radio transmitter or patch cable. The best thing about the electric guitars is that its sound can be modified using other electronic devices or the pre-amp.
Acoustic guitars have many other different types that include Classical guitars, Flat-top guitars, Resonator, resophonic or Dobro guitars, Harp guitars, Tenor guitars,Renaissance and Baroque guitars, Extended-range guitars, Guitar battente,Flamenco guitars, Twelve-string guitars, Guitarrón, Archtop guitars, Acoustic bass guitars,
Extended-range classical guitars, Russian guitars and Selmer-Maccaferri guitars

  1. I want to learn Guitar,so among them which Guitar should i opt for?
  2. Best variant of Guitar to be taken up by beginners is Acoustic Guitar.

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