Are there any prerequisites for being a good dancer?

Are there any prerequisites for being a good dancer?


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Seema Rawat February 3, 2016

Dance is a form of fine art which requires skill,energy and articulate movements,the base line being spontaneity. If you want to pursue dance as a career or even take it up for fun,there are certain prerequisites that are essential to become a good dancer.  

1) Perseverance- To be a good dancer you should have the ability to keep on trying to achieve your goal with steadfastness even if it takes time. Move ahead with single minded efforts. 

2) Persistence: Dance is all about hard work and practice. You should have the ability to obstinately keep on at it in spite of difficulties. 

3) Creativity: Not everyone can be a good dancer just like everyone cannot paint or be good at cooking. Dance requires creativity as in portrayal of your expressions or body language. Doing the same thing but with your own uniqueness. 
4) Physical Ability: To be a good dancer you need to build up stamina as it is only after long hours of practice that you are able to master your movements. If you tire easily you cannot be a good dancer. Building athleticism is essential as energy is essential for dancing. Slow and sloppy movements will not make you a good dancer.  

5) Patience: Dance requires lots of patience at your end. You might fail many times but by being calm and controlled you can get up and try again. Patience is also required for long hours of hard work you will have to put in. 

6) Passion: This is a very important prerequisite to be a good dancer. Passion for what you are getting into is essential for success. Half hearted attempts in spite of having a good instructor will not make you a good dancer. Your passionate involvement is necessary. 

Your own unique attitude towards pursuance of your dream will make you a good dancer and the patience to hang in there will get you where you want to be.    

  1. Nice tips,thank you Yoachievers
  2. Yes,nice tips.Among these Passion for Dance is the most important one.

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