How to make a Dripless Candle ?

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Sumit Paliwal February 27, 2017

A Dripless candle is the one that does not drip wax when burned properly. It takes about 5 to 30 minutes to make any taper candle Dripless.

The things we need to make Dripless Candle at home are :
- To make pillar or taper blend candles we need Standard melt-point (135 to 145 F) wax.
- To make Hurricane or translucent crystals we need High melt-point (160 to 165 F) wax.

There are these two methods using which we can ensure making Dripless candles at home :

Method 1)

- We should ensure that the wick consume all of the wax, for this we need to find the perfect combination of wick and wax. Virtually any candle can be Dripless if it is completely in balance – that is, the wick is exactly the right size for the wax and mold used.

Method 2) 

  • To make a Dripless Candle you need to over dip the candle. This is most often and easily done with hand-dipped tapers, but you could do it with a pillar or other round-shaped candle.


  • Make the candle,in normal wax with a melt point of 135 to 145 F.


  • When the candle is cool, over dip it.


  • There are two ways to over dip. We can either use a pre-blended “hurricane” or over dip wax, which has a high melt point of 160 to 170 F, or use a wax additive which effectively increase the melt point of wax.


  • Lastly we have to dip the candle in the wax three or four times and wait a minute or two in between dips. This dipping creates a higher temp melting “shell” around the candle that will allow the middle of the candle to melt first and leave the outside unmelted, creating a well.



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