About Us

About Us

Growing recognition of the importance of all round development of kids has led to an explosion in interest of parents in searching for ways for their kids to not only learn sports, visual arts or performing arts, but also for avenues to showcase their talents/skills. However, because of the sheer lack of quality opportunities, the right information and inspiring experiences, often, their search leaves a lot to be desired.

And that’s where YoGems comes in.

Through innovative use of data analytics and homegrown cutting edge technology, YoGems creates world-class/best-in-class sporting and artistic experiences for 6-18 year olds to hone and showcase their talents. YoGems suite of technology-based offerings includes proprietary player ranking, state-of-the-art customized live scoring, live streaming, scheduling and event specific customized ticketing.

YoGems has been conceptualized by a team of experienced IITians who are passionate about enriching childhood through sports and artistic activities so that kids grow up to be healthy and confident adults with a sense of achievement.

Kindly connect with us on    connect@YoGems.com