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A Complete Guide To Skating

It’s a combination of arts and sport. Skating is like gliding on the surface. It goes beyond a ‘sport’ and captures imagination. Every turn, flip, jump or any other freestyle move is a reflection of one’s expressions, emotions and passion!...

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A Complete Guide to Wrestling

Entertaining Indians for centuries, wrestling is one of the oldest sports played in the country. The combat sport provides a positive direction of aggression and promotes physical strength. Using grappling type techniques, including throws, clinch fighting, holds, joint locks and...

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A Complete Guide to Swimming

Swimming! Some may describe it as peaceful, languid and a way of being at ease, while for some it may be energetic, fast paced and pulsating! Swimming is one of the most popular sports in the world. Each and every...

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A Complete Guide to Archery

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of archery? The Hunger Games? The popular Disney movie Brave, or the highly regarded Hindu deity Shiva aiming at the sky’s with his bow and arrow? Whatever...

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Badminton India

A Complete Guide to Badminton

If you’re someone who is thrill seeking and loves smashing the shuttle right across the net, then Badminton is definitely your game! It is a popular global sport that does not give you too much time to think and literally...

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A Complete Guide to Hockey

Movies have been made, songs have been written, and people have been ardent fans of this sport that gave India the ultimate crowning glory in the field of sports! Yes, we are talking about Hockey! Despite the fact that hockey...

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