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A beginners’ guide to meditation

What is meditation? Meditation is the acquiescence of extreme inner peace and calm, a state of mind and body which is away from all worries and materialistic sufferings. A mind that is not stressed at all and is free. Free...

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How to play sitar

A Complete Guide to the Sitar

What do The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Ravi Shankar, Rolling Stones, Metallica, Anouska Shankar and Shujaat Khan have in common? Of course, they are all great artists. But what really sets them apart from the rest while making them similar to...

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Learn how to play Harmonium

A Complete Guide to the Harmonium

Soft, flowing, and the kind of music that transports you to another world! The harmonium has been around for centuries and is an Indian musical instrument that is always a part of the classical musical ensemble. The harmonium is popularly...

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Guide to Drum

A Complete Guide to Drum

The punch-like strong sounds or the slow and steady beats that keep you from walking straight, the drum is an important musical instrument that makes up every music ensemble. Drums can be of different varieties – they could be vintage,...

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A Complete Guide to Flute

The flute, with its fluid music that hits the high and low notes with equal ease transport the hearer to a place that is magical and surreal. A lot of us may identify it with Lord Krishna, who played the...

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A complete online guide for Tabla learners

A Complete Guide to Tabla

There is no denying in the fact that Indian rhythm is one of the most complex, ancient and versatile rhythms in the world. Time and again, Indian music has delivered the right kind of expression and passion. It is also...

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A Complete Guide to the Saxophone

The saxophone, which is often called the ‘sax’, belongs to the woodwind instrument family. These instruments are crafted out of brass and are played with a single reed mouthpiece, which makes them similar to a clarinet. In 1840, Adolphe Sax...

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How to play piano

A Complete Guide to Piano

Played using a keyboard with depressible levers or keys, the piano is one of the most widely recognized musical instruments in the world. Music is created when the performer presses down or strikes the keys with one or both hands....

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A Complete Guide to Orchestra

The soft sounds of a Violin, the glorious tunes of the Cello, the triumphant melodies of a Trumpet, dramatic sombre from the Piano, flowing tunes from the Flute and the uplifting tone of the drums – there’s so much that...

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Violin tutorial for beginners

A Complete Guide to Violin

A beautiful and soulful musical instrument, the Violin is the smallest and the highest pitched string instrument among its family. The sounds from a violin can be described as dark, sonorous, lustrous, metallic, mellow, full sounding, intense bright as it...

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