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A Complete Guide to Flute

The flute, with its fluid music that hits the high and low notes with equal ease transport the hearer to a place that is magical and surreal. A lot of us may identify it with Lord Krishna, who played the...

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A Complete Guide to Rugby

Rugby is a sport that requires you to rough it out on the field and not bat an eye lid if bruised. It is in short a sport that is truly machismo in its nature. Several people give up  during...

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A Complete Guide To Wrestling

If you are an Indian, you must have heard of ‘Dhobi Pachad,’ a term that’s fondly used to describe how a winner overcomes a ‘loser’ in a ‘dangal’ or a wrestling pit. Entertaining Indians for centuries, wrestling is one of...

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A Complete Guide to the Saxophone

The saxophone, which is often called the ‘sax’, belongs to the woodwind instrument family. These instruments are crafted out of brass and are played with a single reed mouthpiece, which makes them similar to a clarinet. In 1840, Adolphe Sax...

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Guide to Drum

A Complete Guide to Drum

The punch-like strong sounds or the slow and steady beats that keep you from walking straight, the drum is an important musical instrument that makes up every music ensemble. Drums can be of different varieties – they could be vintage,...

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A complete online guide for Tabla learners

A Complete Guide to Tabla

There is no denying in the fact that Indian rhythm is one of the most complex, ancient and versatile rhythms in the world. Time and again, Indian music has delivered the right kind of expression and passion. It is also...

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A Complete Guide to Cricket

IPL fever grips the nation every year, the World cup is what keeps everyone on the edge, and cricketers are an idol for every aspiring cricketer! Cricket is synonymous with India, and if this riveting sport is what keeps you...

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A Complete Guide To Soccer

Seen ‘Bend it like Beckham?’ Love Ronaldo? Is Messi your inspiration? Does rain and running around kicking a ball seem like a perfect combination to you? Well, then you love soccer! Soccer is a way of life for millions around...

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How to play piano

A Complete Guide to Piano

Played using a keyboard with depressible levers or keys, the piano is one of the most widely recognized musical instruments in the world. Music is created when the performer presses down or strikes the keys with one or both hands....

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A Complete Guide for Boxing

Daunting yet exciting; Strenuous yet gratifying, boxing is the one sport that is as old as civilization itself. Prior to what is considered as the modern form of boxing, this sport was gruesome and even dangerous. However, with the passage...

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