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A Complete Guide to Cycling

The very first thing that we imagine when the word ‘cycling’ is said is probably a sturdy mountain bike, cycling shorts, a helmet and visors!  Many might also relate it to an eco-friendly way of getting about, while others might...

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A Complete Guide To Chess

When you watch two players playing chess, it can be extremely nerve racking as the time seems to stop before anyone makes a single move, and that is the intensity with which the popular game of Chess is played! In...

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Violin tutorial for beginners

A Complete Guide to Violin

A beautiful and soulful musical instrument, the Violin is the smallest and the highest pitched string instrument among its family. The sounds from a violin can be described as dark, sonorous, lustrous, metallic, mellow, full sounding, intense bright as it...

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A beginners’ guide to meditation

What is meditation? Meditation is the acquiescence of extreme inner peace and calm, a state of mind and body which is away from all worries and materialistic sufferings. A mind that is not stressed at all and is free. Free...

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A complete online guide for Tabla learners

A Complete Guide to Tabla

There is no denying in the fact that Indian rhythm is one of the most complex, ancient and versatile rhythms in the world. Time and again, Indian music has delivered the right kind of expression and passion. It is also...

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How to play piano

A Complete Guide to Piano

Played using a keyboard with depressible levers or keys, the piano is one of the most widely recognized musical instruments in the world. Music is created when the performer presses down or strikes the keys with one or both hands....

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A Complete Guide to Kabaddi

Kabaddi is synonymous with the energetic and athletic pride that India possesses when it comes to sports. It is in fact the perfect game for those who love thrill and a constant adrenalin rush while sweating it out on the...

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A Complete Guide To Soccer

Seen ‘Bend it like Beckham?’ Love Ronaldo? Is Messi your inspiration? Does rain and running around kicking a ball seem like a perfect combination to you? Well, then you love soccer! Soccer is a way of life for millions around...

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A Complete Guide To Baseball

The American way of life and the sport of Baseball are synonymous as the two have been infused together to form the ultimate thrill in the American sporting culture. Even though Baseball is considered American through and through, the thrill...

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A Complete Guide To Table Tennis

Just because it’s played ‘indoors’ doesn’t mean you have to sit on a desk and chair, hold flash cards or play monopoly! Indoor sports can be breathtakingly difficult as well. Table Tennis is an example of it. The fastest moving...

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