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Here Is How You Can Strengthen Concentration And Win Your Goals

What makes you an achiever? Any guesses? Is it hard-word or guidance or capabilities? Well!! They could be, but none other than the most crucial element; concentration could help. Yes! You heard it right! Now, many of you must be...

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Championing The Art Of Self-Discipline Is Achieving Your Dream Goals

Self-Discipline! How does it sounds you? Boundations! Restrictions! No more fun! Does they mean this to you? So, let us help you with taking you out of all the misconceptions about self-discipline and let you realize, how important and beneficial...

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Play Outdoor Games – Stay Healthier, Happier and Stronger!

Kho-Kho, Kabaddi, Hide-and-Seek, Tug-of-war, Marble Pond Game and many more that we have talked about in our previous post. If you tried any of those and want to include them in your routine? That’s brilliant! But if you are still...

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10 Exciting Outdoor Games: Here is How You Must Play

Its 21st century; the era of technology where hi-tech kids are growing up using smart devices like tablets, smartphones, PS3 and other electronic stuffs. No doubt, they are learning faster than those of 90’s kids, but how about their physical...

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Happy Children’s Day – Shield Yourself From Smog and Stay Healthy

Health is wealth. It is just not a saying, but a pin-down point for all of us. Yes! We are talking about the health hazards that trapped Delhi-NCR with excessive pollution. The national capital, Delhi has turned into a gas...

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Tips That Will Make Your Diwali More Safe, Joyful and Exciting

Image Source: Lights! Crackers! Fun! Yes! We are talking of Diwali, the very happening festival of togetherness and excitement! It brings us joy leaving all the good memories for every year. And, yes the eagerness and excitement it holds! We...

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How to keep your child safe this Holi?

With the festival of colors, Holi just around the corner, the excitement quotient among children has reached a height. With gulaal, pichkari and sweets, the festivities of Holi are enjoyed the most by the young ones. Unfortunately, in the last...

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How to Inculcate Reading Habits in Your Child?

    “Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body” – Joseph Addison  One cannot talk enough about the benefits of reading among children. It not only opens up a window to their imagination into a world...

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Here Are Some Tips on How to Keep Your Kids Safe in Swimming Pool

Water is the most amazing thing in the world, but it can also become ominous hazard. If you are also the one, who have fear of sending the child to play in water or swimming pool. Stop sending them to...

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What can help your child to rise and shine for India?

Being an Indian, we all are proud to celebrate our 67th republic day in a nation where there are numerous of talents and excellence. Among all of them, a very few are lucky who get opportunities to polish their skills...

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