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Khelo India Youth Games 2019

Khelo India – a step towards a sporting India

Khelo India Youth Games is a government initiative, which is an annual program held in January and February. Under- 17 years school student and under- 21 years college student are the two categories in which this program take place. Prime...

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8 Impressive Female Athletes Changing Overall Integrity of Game They Play

Success is not served in a lavish plate for female athletes in India. They everyday foresee discrimination as men playing the same sport are more celebrated and paid more than the desired credits. People never pressurize men to marry because...

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A Guide for Choosing Badminton Racket

Most of you have played badminton at some point of your life. The game of racket and shuttle is categorized amongst popular sports events of the world. The sport is so refreshing and joyful that it attracts people of different...

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Winter cover

India: A new hub for Winter Sports

Most of the people think that Indian weather and sub continent conditions are not ideal for the prosper of winter sports in India. The popular perception for people around the world is India is hot, dusty and sweaty country where...

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pollution 1

A Precautionary Guide to Stay Fit in Nasty Pollution

As the calendar has changed to the early winter’s in India, deadly pollution and ugly smog has marked its comeback in some of India’s largest metropolitan cities like Delhi and all over the NCR region. Undoubtedly, the toxic air has...

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Sports Drink Cover

Revitalized Homemade DIY Sports Drink Recipes Worth Trying

Balancing calorie-torching session with simple and plain water is not a good idea at all. Your passionate workout session causes lost of large portion of electrolytes from your body, not refueling it with adequate boost-up drink will make you feel...

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Sports Cover Article 29 oct

Five essential tips to Avoid Sports Injuries

Playing sports is greater fun but involving yourself with severe injury while taking part is not. Nowadays we see that most of the aspiring sports enthusiasts have to give away their future because of some unfortunate deeds in the sports...

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Winter Cover

6 Beneficial Tips to Stay Fit This Winter

Winter Days are lazy that’s why sticking with your exercise plan is quite challenging. Chilly winters and shorten day lights along with other sort of priorities makes it hard for you to follow your healthy routine. While exercising in the...

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Crazy Sports Cover

Craziest National Sports Of Countries Across The Globe

In India, we host mega events for sports categories which when calculated is not even 10% of the different sports around the world practiced in one or another form. For average Indian sports enthusiast, sports mostly comprises of some kind...

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Sports 24

A comprehensive guide to choose the right sport for you

Are you boosted up with the right belief to include sport in your schedule or getting back to your favorite sport which you disown due to lack of compatibility? If you are keen to exercising and keeping yourself fit without...

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