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How To Breathe Properly While Running | Proper Technique

If you have ever ran in your life, and yes am not talking about you running from your responsibilities or any chores. Then you would know how difficult it is to breathe while running or jogging especially long distances. It’s...

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Rock Climbing

Simplifying: Grading systems in rock climbing

When rock climbing will make its debut in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. The sports will be in form of amalgamation of its all three disciplines which is lead climbing, speed climbing and bouldering. This decision to combine three disciplines- with...

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Tokyo 2020: ABC… of all the new sports to debut at the 2020 Olympics

With summer Tokyo 2020 Olympics just 10 months away, here are all the details you need to know about the new sports which are added to the latest edition of Summer Olympics. These five new sports were approved on 3...

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Murlikant Petkar

Death bed to Olympic Glory: The tale of one man’s grit and ambition

This story begins in Islampur, a small village in Sangli district in Maharashtra, with an apparently friendly wrestling match between the pampered son of a village headman and a twelve-year-old boy. Stunningly, the twelve-year-old wins and his reward is death...

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Muhammad Ali

The Greatest.

“​I don’t smoke but I keep a matchbox in my pocket. When my heart slips toward a sin, I burn a matchstick and heat my palm. Then I say to myself “Ali you can’t bear even this heat,Then how would...

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5 Tips for Young Athletes to Beat the Heat

The rising temperature increases the risk of heat illness in young athletes during the practices and games. Heatstroke can be really bothersome for the young athletes, Most of the cases occur in Outdoor Sports, but heat injury can affect any...

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Abhishek Kumar selected in Football trials

IFAB 5 new rules

On 2nd March IFAB come up with 5 new rules. Which will come into effect from 1st June the starting of the 2019/20 season. The rules help define association football and FIFA have subscribed the association. The rules talk about...

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National Sports Awards recognition by govt. of India.

Achieving recognize feels amazing and when this recognition is received by the govt. itself. It feels like be are on cloud nine. Below are mention what all awards one can achieve in sports by just being focused and working hard...

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Khelo India Youth Games 2019

Khelo India – a step towards a sporting India

Khelo India Youth Games is a government initiative, which is an annual program held in January and February. Under- 17 years school student and under- 21 years college student are the two categories in which this program take place. Prime...

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8 Impressive Female Athletes Changing Overall Integrity of Game They Play

Success is not served in a lavish plate for female athletes in India. They everyday foresee discrimination as men playing the same sport are more celebrated and paid more than the desired credits. People never pressurize men to marry because...

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